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World Suicide Prevention Day

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

On World Suicide Prevention Day #WSD, BBHF continues its commitment to supporting people living with poor mental health.

As a trauma-informed organisation, we uphold the care of individuals who access our services and strive to provide the best support in helping them heal from their trauma. Striving to provide safe and nurturing environments for each individual’s journey.

With all this, we encourage open conversations around mental health with supportive scaffolding. This year's theme for WSD is ‘Creating Hope Through Action.’

BBHF is not a crisis intervention service but if you feel that someone is at risk of taking their own life, using the trauma-informed practice principles we have some tips to support those in need of care:

1. Safety; creating a safe place for people to explore their feelings, whilst also being aware of your own safety boundaries and what support you can offer

2. Trustworthiness’ & Transparency; Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions, ‘ Are you thinking about suicide?’ Taking this course of action is supported through literature: this helps to validate what the person feels, whilst creating a non-judgemental space to explore those overwhelming feelings.

3. Peer support; Provide information to skilled services that can support them:

Samaritans – 116 123

Papyrus – 0800 0684141

SHOUT – text SHOUT to 85258

CALM – 0800 585858

4. Collaboration; Practice self-care, supporting those who are in crisis can feel overwhelming and isolating. Remember to take care of yourself and reach out for support.

5. Empowerment, voice & choice; Listen without trying to fix, encourage them to take steps to access the right support, and start the conversation.

6. Culture; reducing the stigma, changing language from someone needing ‘fixed’ or they are ‘broken,’ to simply letting someone have space to share their story.

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