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Caina Healy Children's Try-A-Tri

We have important news!


The Health Forum is delighted to announce a brand new event to our calendar. 

Next month we will host the 1st annual Caina Healey Children's Try-a-Tri!

Named in memory of Caina Healy, the Children’s Try-A-Tri is a new event which will raise funds for the Danny Quigley Fund.

Originally from Derry, Caina was a schoolteacher & athlete who lived in Abu Dhabi. Caina was passionate about sports and was always encouraging children and young people to improve their lives by getting more active. Although her life was tragically cut short, the impact she had on the world continues.

Inspired by the life Caina lived, we are hosting a try-a-tri to encourage more children to improve their fitness & mental health, set health goals, and support each other to live healthier lives. 

Our children's try-a-tri kicks off on Friday 14th June 2024, and in the run up, we will be visiting schools to help kids train and to tell them more about Caina's life.

We already have children signed up, but if you would like to have your child involved, please speak to your school and ask if they have registered for this awesome event.

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