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St. Joseph’s Year 10 Students gain OCN Certificates in Health and Wellbeing

Year 10 students from St. Joseph’s Boys School were the recipients of OCN Entry Level 3 qualifications in Personal Success and Wellbeing from BBHF’s Orlagh Robson and Aisling Hutton on Monday afternoon.

Funded by the Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum, the group successfully completed the programme in Personal Success and Wellbeing that explored relationships, nutrition, exercise, enrichment, cultural diversity, mental health and online safety. The pupils took part in class learning and practical activities within their local communities over the twelve weeks of the programme.

Speaking at Monday’s handing over of certificates, BBHF Training and Development Officer Orlagh Robson, has seen first-hand the impact OCN qualifications are having in local schools, and said: ‘It’s an honour to be in a position to offer OCN qualifications to people in our local community and it’s great to be back here today at St. Joseph’s Boys School.

‘All of our OCN programmes focus on improving knowledge of health and wellbeing and they educate participants about relationships, mental health, nutrition, exercise, diversity and culture to name but a few. I believe all the students who took part gained a great deal from their participation.’

Mr. Jon O’Loughlin, Head of Junior School at St. Joseph’s also spoke positively on the success of the programme and praised the pupils for seeing the course through to the end.

‘This OCN programme provides a holistic approach to addressing the pupils’ wellbeing. It helps our boys make healthier life choices, feel better about themselves and create better coping mechanisms both inside and outside school. It also gives the boys more control over their daily lives.’

The students were treated to in-class refreshments on Monday after receiving their awards.

If you would like any more information on OCN qualifications at the Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum, any queries can be sent to

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