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Older Adults

We deliver various programmes and activities for older adults, to combat social isolation and engage those aged over 50+ in social, recreational and educational pursuits to promote a vibrant and healthy community spirit

Older Adults

We pride ourselves on the holistic programme of activity and initiatives we provide for our older residents living within the Triax NRA and beyond.

We are well established within the target area and have developed a grassroots approach to tackle loneliness and isolation, by engaging and working with residents to provide a pathway to improved mental health and well-being. This approach ensures BBHF remains relevant and provides an impactful and beneficial programme for older residents.      


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Shed and She Programme of Services in July 2023. Everyone is welcome to come down and learn a new skill or just pop in for a cuppa and chat! Our new services will include: woodwork, wood turning, garden furniture, jewellery making, upcycling, upholstery, picture framing and more! All our programmes will be announced in our What's On section of the website, our social media sites and our newsletter.


Loving Life, Living Longer - Timetable of Activities and Programmes

In partnership with the Old Library Trust in Creggan, we have designed a timetable of activities and programmes to ensure that there is something on offer every day of the week (except Sundays) for people aged 50+ in our local community.

Physical Activity

We run a number of classes for older adults including Chair based exercises, Chi Me, Swimming, Yoga, light exercises and GP Referral programmes.

The Shed

Our Shed is where everyone can come together through activities including woodwork, craft making and cups of tea. Come down and learn a new skill or just get a cuppa and a chat!

Monday Club

This weekly club brings together older people through a range of activities and events including welfare rights, physical activity, health promotion activities, arts/crafts cooking demonstrations, bus trips and informational sessions. It takes a holistic approach to health that aims to promote social inclusion, reduce isolation and provide practical advice and support to the most vulnerable in the community.

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