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Health & Wellbeing

Health Forum Services is a Social Business unit of the Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum. We have over 21 years of experience in delivering programmes and services of health improvement. This is achieved through a community development approach to both physical and mental health and partnership working with various statutory, community/voluntary and private sector organisations.

Health & Wellbeing

At the Health Forum we are committed to providing a wide range of health programmes that adopt a holistic approach in their delivery. We understand that we cannot work in isolation to address the issues that people face so we have adapted our approach to a person lead model where we will specifically design and develop programmes that address the issues communities, schools & businesses face on a daily basis. We offer support to a wide range of sectors including schools, communities and businesses. We recognise the importance of people in all walks of life, whether that be in work, the community, or schools, to be happy and healthy and understand that by providing this message in a joint up approach we can ensure that the support and health information is getting out there and

that people are feeling motivated to take care of themselves and their health


We offer programmes to both primary and secondary schools. Our wide range of services include programmes around resilience, physical health, mental health and nutrition. We understand that these are key to the development of young people and we provide an education based programme that addresses health from a young age. Our extended schools catalogue can be delivered virtually or in person and the sessions that we deliver are listed below:


· Playground games

· Boxercise

· Circuit training

· Yoga

· Relax Kids

· Cook It/Nutrition programmes

· Arts and Crafts

· Positive Me (Mental Health programme OCN Accredited)

· Dance

· Running Clubs

· Family Health Programme

· Sports/Fun Days co-ordination and delivery

· School Summer Scheme Co-ordination and delivery

· Full or mini health checks for staff

· Health fairs for staff to include complimentary therapies

· Anti bullying workshops


· OCN Qualifications in areas of health and well being

· Anti Bullying workshops

· Sexual Health workshops

· Health Fairs for staff and pupils (see page ?? for full details on health fairs)

· Mini health checks for pupils (see page ?? for full details on health checks)

· Full health checks for staff (see page ?? for full details on health checks)

· Physical activity programmes

· Nutritional and Cook It programmes

All programmes can be tailored to the needs of the group.


We recognise the issues that staff and workplaces are facing today and we have developed support programmes that offer a wide range of services to encourage positive mental health

whilst looking after physical health and a balanced diet. Listed below are some of the services that we are offering at present to local and regional businesses:


We pride ourselves on our experienced staff who can deliver health fair workshops in the following areas:

· smoking cessation

· alcohol

· nutrition

· mental health

· complimentary therapies

· health checks

Each stall is fully equipped with resources and expert advice.


Full Health Check includes:

Cholesterol reading

Glucose reading



Body Fat %

Blood Pressure

Mini Health Check includes:



Body Fat %

Blood Pressure

After each health check event we compile a report on the findings of the general health within your organisation. This provides us with indicators on areas of health that need improved upon and helps us design and implement programmes to suit the needs of your staff. Please contact us for prices.

Whilst physical health and safety remains paramount in health at work, the emphasis has also shifted to take in the psychosocial aspects of our life at work. Businesses are increasingly linking wellbeing at work with innovation, productivity, creativity, quality and reliability. We recognise that having healthy, fit and motivated employees is key to a well run business.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) encourage all workplaces to take steps to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. The research conducted in the effectiveness of workplace wellbeing suggests that interventions are highly cost effective and have numerous benefits for both employers and employees

Each week one million workers take time off because of sickness and most return to work within days; but around 17 000 people reach their sixth week of statutory sick pay and at this point, almost one in five people will stay off sick and eventually leave work. Work is essential to health, well-being and self-esteem. When ill health causes long-term sickness absence, a downward spiral of depression, social isolation and delayed recovery make returning to work less likely. Reducing long-term sickness absence helps maintain a healthy and productive business and safeguards everyone’s jobs.

We believe that investing in the health of your workforce makes good business sense and that providing health services can boost morale amongst staff and make them feel more valued. Health Checks are a great way of helping workers be aware of their own health, and what they can do to maintain or improve it as well as identify any underlying conditions in time for them to take measures.


Stepping On - Falls Prevention Programme

The Stepping On programme offers exercise classes for those aged 65+ who have had a recent fall or at risk of falls. The 9 week programme programme is delivered in partnership with the Public Health Agency, Physiotherapy Team, Occupational Therapy Team, WHSCT Health Improvement Team, Western Home Environment Assessment Team and Healthy Living Centres.

Urban Villages - Primary Schools Resilience

There is good evidence about what works to build protective factors such as self-esteem, positive physical environment and reduce risk factors in the schools, in order to promote well-being and some evidence specifically on building resilience.

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