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Health & Wellbeing

Here at Health Forum Services we aim to offer a holistic approach to our
programmes delivering health and well being in the workplace, schools and
community settings.

Health & Wellbeing

We offer a wide range of programmes based on health and well being for both adults, children and families. From health checks to nutrition and alcohol workshops we have something for everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle.

As part of Health Forum Services we provide interventions such as:

  • Health checks in our community and businesses locally and regionally

  • Health and wellbeing fairs

  • Extended schools programmes

  • Cook It programmes

  • Programmes designed for schools, youth clubs, community groups and others in and around physical activity, nutrition and mental health.

  • Mental Health workshops to local businesses

  • Various Bespoke Programmes including OCN Accredited Programmes within the Schools, Community & Statutory Services.

With our very experienced and highly trained staff, we pride ourselves in the standard of service that we do provide, not only to organisations within the community and voluntary sector but in the statutory and business sector also.


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