Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project

The aim of the Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project (NHIP) is to work together across the 6 Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (NRA) in the North West to improve health and well being. These NRAs include Limavady, Outer North, Outer West, Strabane, Triax and Waterside. 

The project is managed by a partnership drawn from the community/voluntary and statutory sectors with a shared commitment to working together to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. The partnership comprises representation from the 6 Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships / Areas plus the Western Health & Social Care Trust (WHSCT), Department for Communities (DfC), Public Health Authority (PHA) and Developling Healthy Communities.

NHIP focuses its work on three priority themes linked to the public health strategic framework, ‘Making Life Better’. The themes are:-

  • Reducing the number of people who are obese or overweight

  • Improving mental health & wellbeing and reduction in self harm and suicide

  • Maximising collaboration to tackle determinants of health

The Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum delivers various programmes in the Triax area including GP Exercise,  Referral, Counselling, Busy Bodies (Primary Schools), Mens & Womens Health Programmes as well as our partners; Dove House, Pink Ladies, Old Library Trust and Bogside Brandywell Initiative delivering Cancer Support, gardening and other Health & well being initiatives.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
Crossfit Exercise

Physical Activity Classes

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health - improving your brain healthweight managementreducing diseasestrengthening your bones and muscles, and improving your ability to do everyday activities. We run a range of classes that suit all ages and abilities:

  • Circuits

  • Yoga

  • Cycling

  • Running/Walking

  • Tai Chi


Smoking Cessation
You're 4 Times More Likely to Quit Smoking Successfully If You Get Support and Treatment!
Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself, with benefits for your health, your appearance, your finances and your relationships, but it isn’t easy. We work in partnership with local Pharmacists to provide advice and support for those who would like to stop smoking through regular clinics

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Food and nutrition are the way that we get fuel, providing energy for our bodies. Smart nutrition and food choices can help prevent disease. Eating the right foods can help your body cope more successfully with an ongoing illness. Understanding good nutrition and paying attention to what you eat can help you maintain or improve your health. We provide advice and support through workshops and demos on the Eat Well Guide, healthy eating and nutritional information.

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Running Shoes

CoH-Sync is short for Community Health Synchronisation, By synchronisation’ we mean getting the Health services, the community and Voluntary sector, council and all other relevant people and groups to work better together for you in your community, the aim of the project is to improve adults health and well-being by helping them to develop personal health & well- being plans.
We want to support and encourage people to take the first step towards improved health & well-being by making better use of services, training opportunities, group activities and local amenities, to name but a few. CoH-sync is a cross border community health project that focuses on Physical activity, smoking, Nutrition Alcohol, Mental Health Resilience & Health Literacy.