Families Achieving Change Together


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FACT operates on an early intervention model, working systemically to support the families meeting positive and achievable changes. The Family Support Workers on the project will work with young people aged 11-18 years and their families on a one to one basis as well as group work. FACT objectives are to provide;

  • Listening Ear

  • Support & Guidance for families

  • Connecting to your community


We are currently partnered with St Joseph’s Boys school and St Cecilia’s College, these schools avail of F.A.C.T for one to one support but also for large scale interventions such as , Bullying Awareness , Mental Health , Personal Development , tailored programes to fit the needs of the schools and young people.


Within the F.A.C.T Project we also have Well Connected , our Youth Health and Well-being ambassadors , who are there to create a positive change and impact within their schools. They have developed a young persons ambassadors programme what will be peer delivered to secondary schools in Derry. They help to advise the F.A.C.T team on the needs of young people and steer the direction of the project.

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